Alexander Whiskerman is looking for love…and feathers!

Are you seeking a cuddly and gentle kitten? Alexander is for you! His purr motor is always at full capacity and he would love to snuggle and watch your favorite show with you. He gets along well with other kitties and they all absolutely love him right back! Alexander is sure to make you laugh with his kooky kitten moves and his enthusiastic feather swan dives :)
Alexander wants to be your Kitten Entertainer! Check out his YouTube!

Alexander is the Kitty of the Month! Not only does he have a special adoption fee that includes his vet check, neuter, vaccinations, and negative feline leukemia test, he also comes with some purrfectly cool extras! Email for more information!

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Farnsworth is Purrfect for You!

Presenting the ever-so-adorable Farnsworth! He is a 3 month old Bengal and Tabby mix and his racy spots and gorgeous green eyes will really make you look twice! He is a SUPREME SNUGGLER and would be to thrilled to sleep with you at night! He is also so playful and comical- sure to make you laugh! Farnsworth would love to find a home with a playful kitty buddy! He is the Kitty of the Month and has a special adoption fee that includes vet check, neuter, vaccinations, negative feline leukemia test, all medical records, and lots of great extras!

Email for more information!

Check out Farnsworth’s YouTube to see him in action!

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Purrfectly Adoptable Easter Kitty!

Are you looking for a beautiful kitty who has all of the best qualities? Meet Chloe! She is 1 year old and has such gorgeous pastel coloring and a wonderful “purrsonality” to match her good looks!

Chloe is outgoing, LOVES to cuddle, LOVES people of all sizes and ages including kids, and she gets along with cats and cat-friendly dogs! She quickly acclimates to a new environment and would enjoy meeting your friends and family that visit. Chloe has impeccable manners and is so easy to care for!

She is proud to be chosen as the Kitty of the Month! Email for more details!

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Ultra Handsome Kitty Seeks Special Home!

Meet Lionel Thunderpaws! He is a handsome 1 year old Maine Coon mix with stunning silver accents throughout his fur! He was abandoned outdoors when his former people moved away, and his life was in jeopardy when a coyote was spotted inhabiting the area.

Lionel is so grateful to have a roof over his head. He is a shy kitty and is seeking a serene home environment and a patient adopter who will give him time to get acclimated. He loves being petted, he gets along well with other cats, and he has impeccable manners.

Won’t you consider a gentle guy who has been overlooked because of his shyness? Lionel will be forever grateful for a chance at having the life he dreams of!

Check out Lionel’s YouTube video!

Olivia’s Tips for a MEOWY Christmas

Ho, Ho, Ho, everyone! I know you are all busy preparing for the holiday festivities! If you have a minute, here are some tips for a kitty-safe, MEOWY Christmas!
Love and Peace, Olivia

1. Take it from a rambunctious kitten- securely anchor the tree…or else…catastrophe!

2. From the standpoint of a feline, tinsel is sure fun, but please avoid it. If ingested, it can wrap around your cat’s intestines and cause a blockage.

3. It is best to not put chemicals or aspirin in the tree water; both are poisonous to cats.

4. They are so incredibly pretty, but electrical tree lights can be hazardous if your cat likes to bite wires. It would be a good idea to secure the cords out of reach of your kitty.

5. For cats that like to sample anything new, artificial snow should be avoided, as it is poisonous to cats.

6. It is a good idea to pick up loose pine needles. Believe it or not, they can puncture your cat’s intestines or eyes.

7. When considering candles, make sure they are monitored and out of reach of your kitty (I have no idea what “out of reach” means, but apparently non-cat zones exist out there!)

8. Sorry to put a damper on the holiday plants but they can be toxic. Avoid mistletoe, holly and poinsettia. Click here for a list of poisonous plants for cats.

9. I have been told that certain holiday foods can be dangerous, such as chocolate (apparently some kitties out there will sample anything!) Also, turkey bones can splinter in lodge in your kitty’s throat or intestines.

10. Be careful of fragile or glass ornaments, as well as ornaments with pieces that can be eaten by your cat. (That doesn’t leave much in the way of ornaments, does it?)

Have a Happy Cat-Safe Thanksgiving!

Planning for a cat-safe Thanksgiving is key to having a wonderful time without the worry!

Here are 10 Tips:
  1. If you are going to have a bunch of guests over for Thanksgiving, your cat could get overwhelmed with the change and noise. Set up a room with your cat’s gear so that he or she can get away from the party if it becomes too much.
  2. A safe room can also protect your cat from escaping out of the front door when it is repeatedly opened and closed for guests.
  3. Do not feed your cat poultry bones, as they can splinter and get caught in the throat or cause perforations further down in the digestive tract.
  4. It is wise to stick to your cat’s usual diet, as high fat foods such as gravy, liver, kidney, or giblets can cause an upset stomach, and could even trigger pancreatitis.
  5. Onions in gravy or stuffing can be poisonous to cats.
  6. Meat that sits out at room temperature for too long can contain salmonella and should be avoided.
  7. Consider an alternative to using holiday candles. Your cat could knock them over, and could get burned or start a fire.
  8. Place floral gifts in a separate area away from your cat, until you know for sure if they are cat-safe. Many plants, such as the lily, are toxic to cats. Here is a link for more poisonous plants:
  9. If relatives bring their own pets over, do the introductions slowly and with supervision.
  10. The best tip of all: If you have room in your heart and home to adopt a homeless kitty as a permanent family member, what a wonderful way to show your compassion and love!